1:12 Scale Action Figure Accessories

Diabolical accessories for your action figures compatible in five, six and seven inch (1:10, 1:12, 1:14) scale. 

Casket of Cruelty

Blood and guts galore, weapons of mayhem and a coffin for the departed.


Action effects, muzzle flares, blasts, zaps and swipes, these effects bring out the firepower and the super powers of your characters.

The Cursed Crate - Green Monster Blood!

Brand New! The Cursed Crate brings the classic blood effects from the Casket of Cruelty and Bag of Violence and brings them into a luxurious green to use with your aliens, monsters, hulks and beasts!

The Casket of Cruelty is HERE!


Coming 2023 - GAME ON!

Custom content

In Development - The Weapons Rack

We all have too many accessories, right? We are working on developing a modular weapons rack that can hold all your awesome weapons that deserve more than a zip lock bag or cookie tin. Includes clips, rack pegs, bins and tables to allow for a variety of options.

This unique and original design allows walls to be connected to include floors, ceilings and walls that are ideal for figure displays and dioramas. Alternate sides include a peg wall, and a removable "steel floor" plate for flooring. More sets can create larger displays and display racks and can be modified in a variety of ways to fit your shelves and detolfs.

Coming in 2023!